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Good antivirus software

6. Stop the spread of malware.

The tech savvy users among you might be good at avoiding malware — you don’t click on suspicious links from your friends, you run good antivirus software, and so on. Unfortunately, your less savvy friends probably don’t realize when they’ve spread malware, or how to stop it, and that’s where you come in. You may not be able to deal with the moron that wrote the malware, but you can stop the spread by helping your less tech-savvy friend. Help them clean up their computer, and use that opportunity to teach them how to best avoid malware. Remember that you aren’t the only one getting suspicious links from them — if you can help one person avoid getting tricked, you can help their entire contact list from getting future links.

5. Block offensive Internet comments.

Every site has its fair share of assclowns, but some sites are known for having downright useless comment sections (I’m looking at you, YouTube). Luckily, you can clean up those sites with a few well-placed browser extensions. Comment Snob, for example, lets you filter out certain words, comments in all caps, excessive punctuation, profanity, and other annoyances, while CommentBlocker just gets rid of a site’s comments altogether. It’s up to you how heavily you want to block comments, but it’s a great way to avoid the stuff that gets your blood boiling.