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Internet scams

Look for PUIM to avoid internet scams.

Consumers wishing to shop online are advised to make purchases via websites that carry the logo of Internet Entrepreneurs Association of Malaysia (PUIM) to avoid scams or losses.
PUIM president Mohd Azrul Mohd Nor said the serial number and PUIM logo are proof that the internet entrepreneurs are recognised by the association where consumer rights are protected.
“Currently, 130 companies or businesses that conduct sale online have the PUIM logo. Customers faced with scams or service problems can contact PUIM so that we can contact the entrepreneurs,” he told reporters after a meeting with internet entrepreneurs here today.
Azrul said successful social sites like Facebook created many new businesses and entrepreneurs, as well as help bring their businesses to another level.
“Marketing via Facebook can be adapted to the needs of traders, regardless whether it is full-time or part-time business. Some started small but have grown big that they can afford their own shops,” he added.
Most of the small businesses via the internet target female customers by selling beauty products and cosmetic accessories, scarves and clothing.