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10. Learn to spot fake product reviews

Online shopping is awesome, particularly because of the ability to read reviews on any given product before you buy. Some people are upstanding folk and leave good, well thought-out reviews — but some product manufacturers leave their own fake reviews to try and inflate their product’s rating. So how can you spot the fake reviews from the real ones? It isn’t as hard as you think: extremely positive language is often a good indicator, as is overuse of first-person comments. Check out this list of things to watch out for, as well as some of the new techniques manufacturers have been employing. Hopefully, armed with the right knowledge, you won’t get duped.

9. Destroy cheaters in online games

If you’ve ever played video games online, you probably already know to just turn off your headset unless you want to hear loads of prepubescent racial slurs. But what about the gamers that take it a step further and actually cheat? The best you can do as a player is report cheaters to the moderators of your chosen server. However, you can also make sure you’re playing on a server that makes use of anti-cheating measures like Valve’s Anti-Cheat System or PunkBuster (some games will even require it to play on their official servers). Just remember that if you’re getting owned by a specific player, it doesn’t mean they’re cheating. Before you go accusing people, make sure you don’t just suck first.

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