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2. Keep hackers at bay with good security

Sometimes it seems like everyone’s out to get you online, and even if you aren’t falling for phishing schemes and other scams, someone can always hack into your accounts. Strong passwords aren’t enough to keep them out, either — you’ll need to make sure you’ve protected yourself on all sides in addition to having a strong, unique password for every site. Read up on our best security practices for more information. Even if you find security inconvenient, there’s a lot you can do to keep yourself protected.

1. Just stop caring about trolls and get on with your life

The absolute best way to avoid the leagues of morons on the internet — particularly the troll variety — is to just ignore them. They aren’t attacking you, they’re attacking boredom, and they’re hardly worth the energy of even engaging, particularly because that’s exactly what they want. If you get locked in, you can weasel your way out with dignity, but the more you realize they aren’t worth the effort, the happier you’ll be.

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